An Inspiration to All Aspiring Pimps

The truth is that I was not born in the Bronx or Compton. I don’t have tricked out rims, and actually graduated from college on a full academic scholarship. And I don’t have any ho’s who bring me money on the daily.

So how do I call myself a self respecting pimp? Simple. Being a Pimp is a lifestyle, an attitude, and mindset. It’s hard work because it’s not a job. It’s an identity that has to be embodied in the same way that a Buddhist monk embodies meditation and peace during every second of every day.

I studied political science in college. Which is essentially the study of power. Who has it? What is it? How is it transferred, used and collected?

A pimp is a master of power. The President of the USA is a Pimp. Mark Cuban is a Pimp. Dr. Dre is a Pimp.

A pimp never tells his secrets, because they are all he has. He creates power from nothing but his own mind. In fact, that is where all power that exists in the world comes from. Wealth is just a small external representation of this power.

If I were to recommend one book which would best explain all the concepts of what a Political Science degree is, or what being a Pimp entails, there is only one book. It is both a philosophical treatise and a very practical how to guide for the aspiring pimp.

Even though this one author and Pimp does spill his secrets, it is but a small step towards encountering the path towards pimpdom. More than anything, wisdom is required to find the path. And more than anything, knowledge is a pre-requisite to wisdom.

This book has that knowledge: The Pimp Game. By Mickey Royal.

Your Welcome.

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