What is Success? What do You Desire in Life?

I don’t keep a journal. I do have a sketchbook I keep with me at all times though. Sometimes I doodle, mostly I use it to organize my thoughts and write random things down. However, with the new year, I took the week after christmas to organize my life, mentally. Here’s an excerpt from what I wrote down.

What is Success, and what do I want out of Life?
  (In order)
1. Inner Peace
2. Passion
3. A Warrior’s Body
4. A Beautiful Home 
5. Ownership of My Business
6. To Love a Beautiful Women

And this is what I’m going to give in return for each one:
  (In order, as above)
1. Daily Meditation
2. Embrace Masculinity 
3. Sweat
4. Provide Value 
5. Get Along with People
6. Be a Pimp

Now, I can probably write an entire book explaining what this list means to me, why I believe it includes all the ingredients towards everything any real man could ever want in the world, and how you can translate these ideas into your own life. However, I’m not going to. Because to do so would be an impossible task that would involve compressing almost 24 year of life experience into a few thousand words. Obviously a few things would be overlooked. Instead, consider it a gift from me to you, to interpret or dismiss in whatever manner you like.

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