Hustling versus Pimping

If you aren’t hustling, your game is hustling for you. If you have no game, and you aren’t hustling, then you are worthless to the world. This is not to say you are worth nothing as a person. This is not to say anything about your potential, and about your value to people you have personal relationships with. This is about the world.

The true measure of a man in the eyes of the world is directly correlated to the size of a man’s bankroll. Hustlers work their asses off providing real value to the world, one person or organization at a time. They see value where others don’t, or they go off and find value when others can’t find it. Then they deliver value. When a hustler stops working, his bankroll stops growing. His value to the world is intimately tied to the work he does, and he is compensated accordingly.

The Pimp is a different story. The Pimp doesn’t work for himself, he works for his game. His game is his primary concern in the world. His game, not the Pimp himself, provides value to the world. The Pimp owns his game, he takes full responsibility for his game; he nurtures it, protects it, and helps it grow. Game is like an orchard of orange trees. If a Pimp planted his orchard in Southern California, he would need to put a lot of effort into setting up and establishing the orchard. If he picked a good location, hired a top notch caretaker and had a solid place to sell his product, he can easily coast on autopilot. His game does all the work, and he receives an equal amount of value from the world as he provides.

The Pimp can chill, content to solve occasional problems, or he can focus on expanding his game, buying out other orchards and planting new ones. This is where his effort and work go. Directly into his game. He separates himself from the world, and simply becomes King of his world. This is a kingdom, and it is what the world is made of.

Everyone in the world is part of many overlapping kingdoms. The hustler is the only one truly free. But only the Pimp can be King. If you’re interested in this type of study of power, I highly suggest getting a degree in power studies, aka, Political Science, like I did. Or, simply read the Pimp Game by Mickey Royal, by far the most powerful short book on power I have read since the Art of War and the Prince.

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