How to Think and Grow Rich

I give major props to Napoleon Hill. This guy was a major Pimp who chilled with the likes of none other than Andrew Carnegie. Yes, as in the guy who built Carnegie Hall with his lunch money.

Naturally, when you roll with the Big Dogs, you’re going to pick up a few tricks. It doesn’t particularly matter whether it was 10, 20, or 200 years ago. Humans haven’t really changed much in the past 1,000 years anyways.

So, what is Napoleon Hill’s secret? Well, I’ll give you a hint: it’s the title of this article. More specifically, it is the same secret as the infamous “Secret” which all the modern day mystics, hippies and new age prophets proclaim as the secret to everything. But before we get our third eyes cross eyed, let’s simplify it all and look past all the mystical BS.

1. Things don’t appear out of nowhere, just because we “ask the universe.” There are some simple rules, and the ‘law of attraction’ does not break these rules. 
2. ‘The secret’ is a marketing scheme designed to give every chick who follows her daily horoscope and guy who can’t deal with his failures a way out. The truth is there is no copping out. 
3. There are elements of truth in the law of attraction, the secret, and all the hippie mumbo jumbo. 

So, now that we got all the BS out of the way, lets get to the meat of it. You’re reading this because you want to learn how to think and grow rich. And this is where I point you to Napoleon Hill’s book of the same title. Or urge you to do a youtube search and watch an old school video of him. 

Of course, I could just tell you the jist of it all. And I will:

1. The secret is you just have to want it bad. Ooops. Doesn’t seem like much of secret, does it? It really is that simple, once you learn the next couple steps. It doesn’t mean it’s easy though. It means you have to want it so bad that you won’t let any obstacle get in your path. Not many people can do that, whether we’re talking about building wealth, going professional in a sport, or becoming a world famous singer. People eventually let the obstacles overwhelm them. When they can’t see a way to keep going, they quit. It’s logical. The secret isn’t though. You have to want it so bad, so bad that you sacrifice reason. This is the only way to overcome. The secret is simple, but far from easy. The trick is to want it every minute, every hour, every day. You can’t decide, then go on autopilot. You need to be like a tibetan monk, and focus on your desire 24/7. There is no resting from your passion.

2. You have to articulate exactly what your desire is. Be specific as possible. Be more specific than that actually. Feel it, live it, use your imagination. Every hour, on the hour, feel what it is you want with all your senses, using nothing but your imagination.

3. You have to articulate exactly what you are going to give in return. You can’t just wish for something, like throwing a penny in a pond. That’s where the hippies and mystics don’t get it. You need to have a definite plan for what you are going to give in return.

4. Every minute, every second of your day is spent either in action, or in thought. In action for what you are going to give in return for all your desires (hopefully not just money. maybe health? maybe family?), or in thought, imagining what it is you desire. When you imagine your desire, you have to let that feeling burn inside of you, it is your only source of energy. The whole point of spending all your mental energy on your desire is so that you have the strength to push through obstacles when you are ready to give up. There is no cheating this one. You don’t desire it enough, every second of every day? There will likely arrive an obstacle too big for you to push through.

5. Let yourself feel doubts, distractions and insecurities. But be aware of them. When you feel them, take a mental step back to get perspective. Don’t push the feelings away, just simply acknowledge that you are feeling that. When you identify the negativity, you have conquered it. Feel it consciously for as long as you need to, as long as you feel it. But never identify yourself to it. Keep distance simply by being aware. Breathe, and then focus on your desire. Feel the burn, the desire, the want. Let that replace and burn away away negativity.

6. Positivity and positive thinking is simply all of the above. There is no magic involved. The whole point of ‘feeling positive energy’ just means you’re staying on the path. You still need to walk down it with your own energy. This is the most crucial step of all. You need to push. Positive thinking is merely the absence of negativity and the presence of desire. Conquer this step, and you will conquer what few of those horoscope reading chicks ever will.

This is how you think and grow rich.

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