Lawyers are Mostly B******

If you have read Pathtopimpdom at all, you probably know that I am a huge fan of Mickey Royal’s work, which was a huge inspiration for this blog. In his book, Pimp Game, he lays out the fundamentals of power. While he’s not quite Lao Tsu or Machiavelli’s modern equivalent, his understanding of human psychology and the distribution of power in the world (in all its shapes and forms) is easily on the same level.

Simply put, pimps are timeless. So are ho’s, and so on and so on. It isn’t about prostitution either. Well, it is, but not in the way most of you fools think of it as.

Pimps and ho’s exist everywhere. They work at your local starbucks, home depot, they work in your local schools and even give out sermons at your local church. Simply put, every organization has it’s roles which different humans play out.

It has nothing to do with money. NBA players are usually ho’s for a short period of time before some of them become Pimps and others turn into tricks upon ‘graduation.’

The reason I bring this up is because a few months ago, I applied to law school. As I consider the roles I want to play in the world, and as I enter ‘real’ adulthood, I have the opportunity for the first time to really solidify my natural potentials and turn them into realities.

And I can’t help but to be acutely aware of the roles which I am, or will be playing. Naturally, I am a straight up pimp. Perhaps no where else has this been more apparent but in athletics. As a captain, MVP, All-League and All-Conference athlete in high school, I can tell you that mindset is everything.

Physically, I was above average on my team, but nothing special. What ended up separating me from not only my teammates, but every opponent I faced, was my mindset. It may surprise you, but the fundamental difference was incredibly simple. I was willing to take more responsibility than everyone else on my team, combined. That feeling was never put into words, nor could it have been derived from words, because I rarely spoke about things of that nature. Instead, my presence commanded, and my actions spoke that, in failure, the blame wasn’t on any of my teammates. It was on me.

Fundamentally, that’s what being a Pimp is all about.

Now, as a potential future lawyer, I’ve been thinking if I can make it work for me. What I’ve come to realize is that almost all lawyers are ho’s. They have skills. They ho themselves out to pimps, who use the lawyers to make money for themselves. And while chasing paper is something I am willing to pursue at great lengths, the numbers are not so important to me if that means that I am going to have to force myself into an unnatural role.

So, being the Pimp that I am, I am starting to do some heavy planning today. Pimps are the risk takers of the world, but another lesson to take from athletics is: Pimps do their work. In order to become a star athlete, I put in ridiculous, dig-deep-into-your-soul type of work EVERY DAY in high school for three years before I got to the point of being one of the leading scorers in the NATION.

So, as I begin my next major enterprise, my next game, I have come to the realization that just like everyone else in the world, Lawyers are mostly Ho’s. Today, months before I even get acceptance letters, I start working. Why? So that by the time I pass the bar exam, I will be in a position to rise from a hustler and realize my true, born nature as a straight up Pimp.

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