Keep the Sun Shining

Perhaps you’ve heard this phrase before:

Nothing is permanent except change. 


Every aspiring pimp needs to keep this truth as close as possible to his body. This is my primary source of strength, and my motivation to keep improving my game.

As a young cat leaving his youth, I can tell you from experience that greatness is a habit, not an achievement. I left my mark on the water polo world, but only two years removed from retiring from elite competition, my athletic abilities in the pool are probably barely at a high school varsity level.

And perhaps more inspirational to those cats in a hard place right now, that phrase was the one idea that lifted me out from the lowest point I allowed myself to go when I had no game going just last year.

Change can simultaneously be both your biggest ally, and your most challenging obstacle. Use it to your advantage, by reminding yourself of it every day, in as many aspects of your life as possible.

Change means that one day you will die. Meditate on this a bit, I’m sure it will motivate you to stop putting things off for tomorrow.

Change means that everyone in your life will one day die too. Stop wasting your time with people you don’t like, and cherish those you do.

Change means that your current income isn’t as stable as you think. Use this as an excuse to incorporate some smart risk into your life. To not do so is more risky, it means you have nowhere to go but down.

Change means you are only young once. Go have some fun.

Change means you are going to get old soon. Take care of yourself.

Change is the heartbeat of life. It is the single thing that makes everything so interesting, and what makes life worth living. It’s what pushes you Imagine an eternal life where nothing changes ever. That’s hell.


So, remember, rain is inevitable. But so is sunshine. Enjoy the sunshine, just don’t take it for granted.

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