Riding Your Edge of Destruction

There is one place within your mind, that when accessed, makes magic happen.

It’s that place where you put your entire life in the hands of logic and ability. Your logic and your ability.

It’s where an error in logic, or an error in execution means death. Financial death, relationship death, or physical death.

In reality, we all have limits to our own abilities. And also in reality, we almost all fail to use those abilities to the fullest. Why? Because we’re afraid.

Afraid of realizing the limits of our abilities, and thus our shortcomings compared to the men around us. Afraid of accidentally surpassing our limits and failing miserably. Afraid that if we do find another level of capability we can safely operate at, we will know how much of a fraud our past efforts have been. We will know that once we begin operating at our edge, anything less is laziness or fear.

It’s a challenge, I’ll admit that. It’s perhaps life’s biggest, most difficult, most exciting, most rewarding and by far most dangerous challenge.

Living at your edge. That place where *fuck it* lives. Where you push and push until you approach your edge. Then you tip toe to the very end of the cliff until you can see the very bottom directly beneath you. Then you stand there. And do nothing but focus. Why?

Because you can. Because you know your abilities, and you master your logic for your own purposes. And even though it is incredibly stupid and risky, it gives life a certain flavor. A feeling that words cannot do justice.

Because that feeling is a life lived without fear, totally entrusted to skill and logic.

Perhaps the most ironic fact of all is that every single one of us must entrust our own skill and logic to survive. In order to receive and continue to receive the gift of life we have to trust our own skill and logic. When we don’t live at our own edge though, all we do is accept and receive life. Celebrating and living a life can only be done on the edge though.

    • Trent B.
    • February 1st, 2012

    Great Reminder man. Thanks. I’m actually reading some of Hunter S. Thompson aka Gonzo’s work right now. Funny that the IceT video brings him up. Keep living like a Pimp, and keep up the great work!

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