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Riding Your Edge of Destruction

There is one place within your mind, that when accessed, makes magic happen.

It’s that place where you put your entire life in the hands of logic and ability. Your logic and your ability.

It’s where an error in logic, or an error in execution means death. Financial death, relationship death, or physical death.

In reality, we all have limits to our own abilities. And also in reality, we almost all fail to use those abilities to the fullest. Why? Because we’re afraid.

Afraid of realizing the limits of our abilities, and thus our shortcomings compared to the men around us. Afraid of accidentally surpassing our limits and failing miserably. Afraid that if we do find another level of capability we can safely operate at, we will know how much of a fraud our past efforts have been. We will know that once we begin operating at our edge, anything less is laziness or fear.

It’s a challenge, I’ll admit that. It’s perhaps life’s biggest, most difficult, most exciting, most rewarding and by far most dangerous challenge.

Living at your edge. That place where *fuck it* lives. Where you push and push until you approach your edge. Then you tip toe to the very end of the cliff until you can see the very bottom directly beneath you. Then you stand there. And do nothing but focus. Why?

Because you can. Because you know your abilities, and you master your logic for your own purposes. And even though it is incredibly stupid and risky, it gives life a certain flavor. A feeling that words cannot do justice.

Because that feeling is a life lived without fear, totally entrusted to skill and logic.

Perhaps the most ironic fact of all is that every single one of us must entrust our own skill and logic to survive. In order to receive and continue to receive the gift of life we have to trust our own skill and logic. When we don’t live at our own edge though, all we do is accept and receive life. Celebrating and living a life can only be done on the edge though.


Why It’s Still, on Average, Better to Be Born a Man


One day very soon I’m going to have a lot of money. Today I don’t.

I can’t hide it, just like girls who aren’t hot don’t magically become hot with the right clothes and make up.

Sometimes they get pretty close though, and I actually look. I know they aren’t hot, but they do such a good job on occasion hiding it, that I can be persuaded to overlook reality on occasion.

The purpose of the game is to do the same to women. The most attractive women naturally look at men with status, aka money. With tight game, I simulate the behavior of a man with very high status. This is natural for me though, considering my own status in high school just five years ago as an all-conference athlete.

The problem with game is that until it has real status to back it up, the most attractive women out there are still going to be hesitant. They know the real deal when they see it just like we do when we see it in women.

So, in the mean time, I work my ass off to have money. Not for women, but for me to enjoy the finer things in life.

As long as you play the numbers game, you don’t need money. Just like less hot girls just need to put in time to ‘get done up.’

Now, with a little bit of logic it’s easy to see that getting women and money cost effort. Putting effort into women gets you women, but putting effort into gaining money and status gets you both money, status, and women. I think it’s obvious where a young man should be putting his effort. Easier said than done though.

The tough thing about being a guy is having to put in the work to earn your status, instead of being born into sexual power like the hottest women are. I wouldn’t have it any other way though. Not only can any man make something of himself, but once he does, there is no expiration date except death.

Keep the Sun Shining

Perhaps you’ve heard this phrase before:

Nothing is permanent except change. 


Every aspiring pimp needs to keep this truth as close as possible to his body. This is my primary source of strength, and my motivation to keep improving my game.

As a young cat leaving his youth, I can tell you from experience that greatness is a habit, not an achievement. I left my mark on the water polo world, but only two years removed from retiring from elite competition, my athletic abilities in the pool are probably barely at a high school varsity level.

And perhaps more inspirational to those cats in a hard place right now, that phrase was the one idea that lifted me out from the lowest point I allowed myself to go when I had no game going just last year.

Change can simultaneously be both your biggest ally, and your most challenging obstacle. Use it to your advantage, by reminding yourself of it every day, in as many aspects of your life as possible.

Change means that one day you will die. Meditate on this a bit, I’m sure it will motivate you to stop putting things off for tomorrow.

Change means that everyone in your life will one day die too. Stop wasting your time with people you don’t like, and cherish those you do.

Change means that your current income isn’t as stable as you think. Use this as an excuse to incorporate some smart risk into your life. To not do so is more risky, it means you have nowhere to go but down.

Change means you are only young once. Go have some fun.

Change means you are going to get old soon. Take care of yourself.

Change is the heartbeat of life. It is the single thing that makes everything so interesting, and what makes life worth living. It’s what pushes you Imagine an eternal life where nothing changes ever. That’s hell.


So, remember, rain is inevitable. But so is sunshine. Enjoy the sunshine, just don’t take it for granted.

Lawyers are Mostly B******

If you have read Pathtopimpdom at all, you probably know that I am a huge fan of Mickey Royal’s work, which was a huge inspiration for this blog. In his book, Pimp Game, he lays out the fundamentals of power. While he’s not quite Lao Tsu or Machiavelli’s modern equivalent, his understanding of human psychology and the distribution of power in the world (in all its shapes and forms) is easily on the same level.

Simply put, pimps are timeless. So are ho’s, and so on and so on. It isn’t about prostitution either. Well, it is, but not in the way most of you fools think of it as.

Pimps and ho’s exist everywhere. They work at your local starbucks, home depot, they work in your local schools and even give out sermons at your local church. Simply put, every organization has it’s roles which different humans play out.

It has nothing to do with money. NBA players are usually ho’s for a short period of time before some of them become Pimps and others turn into tricks upon ‘graduation.’

The reason I bring this up is because a few months ago, I applied to law school. As I consider the roles I want to play in the world, and as I enter ‘real’ adulthood, I have the opportunity for the first time to really solidify my natural potentials and turn them into realities.

And I can’t help but to be acutely aware of the roles which I am, or will be playing. Naturally, I am a straight up pimp. Perhaps no where else has this been more apparent but in athletics. As a captain, MVP, All-League and All-Conference athlete in high school, I can tell you that mindset is everything.

Physically, I was above average on my team, but nothing special. What ended up separating me from not only my teammates, but every opponent I faced, was my mindset. It may surprise you, but the fundamental difference was incredibly simple. I was willing to take more responsibility than everyone else on my team, combined. That feeling was never put into words, nor could it have been derived from words, because I rarely spoke about things of that nature. Instead, my presence commanded, and my actions spoke that, in failure, the blame wasn’t on any of my teammates. It was on me.

Fundamentally, that’s what being a Pimp is all about.

Now, as a potential future lawyer, I’ve been thinking if I can make it work for me. What I’ve come to realize is that almost all lawyers are ho’s. They have skills. They ho themselves out to pimps, who use the lawyers to make money for themselves. And while chasing paper is something I am willing to pursue at great lengths, the numbers are not so important to me if that means that I am going to have to force myself into an unnatural role.

So, being the Pimp that I am, I am starting to do some heavy planning today. Pimps are the risk takers of the world, but another lesson to take from athletics is: Pimps do their work. In order to become a star athlete, I put in ridiculous, dig-deep-into-your-soul type of work EVERY DAY in high school for three years before I got to the point of being one of the leading scorers in the NATION.

So, as I begin my next major enterprise, my next game, I have come to the realization that just like everyone else in the world, Lawyers are mostly Ho’s. Today, months before I even get acceptance letters, I start working. Why? So that by the time I pass the bar exam, I will be in a position to rise from a hustler and realize my true, born nature as a straight up Pimp.

An Inspiration to All Aspiring Pimps

The truth is that I was not born in the Bronx or Compton. I don’t have tricked out rims, and actually graduated from college on a full academic scholarship. And I don’t have any ho’s who bring me money on the daily.

So how do I call myself a self respecting pimp? Simple. Being a Pimp is a lifestyle, an attitude, and mindset. It’s hard work because it’s not a job. It’s an identity that has to be embodied in the same way that a Buddhist monk embodies meditation and peace during every second of every day.

I studied political science in college. Which is essentially the study of power. Who has it? What is it? How is it transferred, used and collected?

A pimp is a master of power. The President of the USA is a Pimp. Mark Cuban is a Pimp. Dr. Dre is a Pimp.

A pimp never tells his secrets, because they are all he has. He creates power from nothing but his own mind. In fact, that is where all power that exists in the world comes from. Wealth is just a small external representation of this power.

If I were to recommend one book which would best explain all the concepts of what a Political Science degree is, or what being a Pimp entails, there is only one book. It is both a philosophical treatise and a very practical how to guide for the aspiring pimp.

Even though this one author and Pimp does spill his secrets, it is but a small step towards encountering the path towards pimpdom. More than anything, wisdom is required to find the path. And more than anything, knowledge is a pre-requisite to wisdom.

This book has that knowledge: The Pimp Game. By Mickey Royal.

Your Welcome.

What is Success? What do You Desire in Life?

I don’t keep a journal. I do have a sketchbook I keep with me at all times though. Sometimes I doodle, mostly I use it to organize my thoughts and write random things down. However, with the new year, I took the week after christmas to organize my life, mentally. Here’s an excerpt from what I wrote down.

What is Success, and what do I want out of Life?
  (In order)
1. Inner Peace
2. Passion
3. A Warrior’s Body
4. A Beautiful Home 
5. Ownership of My Business
6. To Love a Beautiful Women

And this is what I’m going to give in return for each one:
  (In order, as above)
1. Daily Meditation
2. Embrace Masculinity 
3. Sweat
4. Provide Value 
5. Get Along with People
6. Be a Pimp

Now, I can probably write an entire book explaining what this list means to me, why I believe it includes all the ingredients towards everything any real man could ever want in the world, and how you can translate these ideas into your own life. However, I’m not going to. Because to do so would be an impossible task that would involve compressing almost 24 year of life experience into a few thousand words. Obviously a few things would be overlooked. Instead, consider it a gift from me to you, to interpret or dismiss in whatever manner you like.