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Why It’s Still, on Average, Better to Be Born a Man


One day very soon I’m going to have a lot of money. Today I don’t.

I can’t hide it, just like girls who aren’t hot don’t magically become hot with the right clothes and make up.

Sometimes they get pretty close though, and I actually look. I know they aren’t hot, but they do such a good job on occasion hiding it, that I can be persuaded to overlook reality on occasion.

The purpose of the game is to do the same to women. The most attractive women naturally look at men with status, aka money. With tight game, I simulate the behavior of a man with very high status. This is natural for me though, considering my own status in high school just five years ago as an all-conference athlete.

The problem with game is that until it has real status to back it up, the most attractive women out there are still going to be hesitant. They know the real deal when they see it just like we do when we see it in women.

So, in the mean time, I work my ass off to have money. Not for women, but for me to enjoy the finer things in life.

As long as you play the numbers game, you don’t need money. Just like less hot girls just need to put in time to ‘get done up.’

Now, with a little bit of logic it’s easy to see that getting women and money cost effort. Putting effort into women gets you women, but putting effort into gaining money and status gets you both money, status, and women. I think it’s obvious where a young man should be putting his effort. Easier said than done though.

The tough thing about being a guy is having to put in the work to earn your status, instead of being born into sexual power like the hottest women are. I wouldn’t have it any other way though. Not only can any man make something of himself, but once he does, there is no expiration date except death.


The Truth About Women and Social Equality

I was once a sucker like you too. I don’t blame you though.

Actually, that’s a lie. You chose to watch those ridiculous Rom Coms. You chose to brag about your conquests with your best mates. You chose one of the two extremes that destined you to failure with women.

The truth about women, is that they don’t know what the fuck they want. They wouldn’t know what they wanted if they spelled it out and then it hit them upside the face like Ron Jeremy’s dick.

If you know what they want, you’re a goddamn fool. You watch too many movies where the ‘nice guys’ win for a change. I know you do, because you call them ‘nice guys.’ I call them pussies who are too scared and weak to even piss three urinals away from me.

If you have no idea what women want, at least you’re a little boy and don’t need to share a tampon with the ‘nice guys’ anymore. Don’t get all cocky now, keep in mind you still brag about slipping Maggie from Econ the finger during the kegger last weekend. This is how I know you’re a sucker and goddamn fool for women.

Me? I have transformed myself into a motherfucking bon a fide Pimp through ridiculous amounts of work and pain. It ain’t easy, but it sure is worth it. If you stick around this place, you just might get a few tips that will point out the path to pimpdom for you. Hell no, I will not show you the way. And hell no, this blog is not a tutorial, step by step lecture series. It is purely for my entertainment. If you happen to find the path to pimpdom along the way, be sure to send me some money.

And oh yeah, the truth about women? Fuck em. Worry about what you want. Take everything you view as the most evil about yourself, and everything that is good. Now… flip them. That’s the truth. Success with women is the same as success in the world. You pursue what you need, nothing more, nothing less. THAT, is the most morally good thing you as a man could ever pursue. And to take an idea from Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, that is the only morality that defines a good man and separates him from the weak masses of pussies with their dicks in their hands crying out for economic equality in the world today.

Equality is the cry of the weak. We live in a jungle built for one purpose. To weed the strong out from the weak. It’s why every dude wants to have his dick inside Jessica Alba, and why beautiful teenage girls are falling in love with eighty year old billionaire Pimps like Silvio Burlusconi, the now ex-Prime Minister of Italy. If you want equality, what you are, is pure evil. Equality is the rally cry of decay. To be good, is to embrace your manhood. To be a man is to have vision, and to assert that vision onto the world. Real women don’t want anything except a man who knows what he wants, and can get it at any cost… that is my secret of the day.

Enough said.